Based on years of research and development (R&D) applied to the industrial world, we provide our platform Maintenance Factory © giving access to our algorithms to identify early signs of failure.

Flagship for Industrial performance

We have proven experience in the application of the state-of-the-art methods of statistics and machine learning, for the resolution of various problems associated with sectors such as automotive suppliers, energy, rail freight, agronomy, etc.

We have a range of applications and analytics available through our Maintenance Factory platform, and are able to meet your various industrial needs such as:     

Early and targeted detection of anomalies to reduce maintenance time and increase the interval between maintenance operations (Predictive Maintenance)   

Prediction of the types of faults encountered in order to avoid the consequences of the latter on the whole system (Predictive Maintenance)    

The analysis of the parameters influencing the quality or quantity of manufacture of a product in order to optimize your production (Manufacturing Intelligence)    

Visualization of sensor or telemetry data

Do useful and targeted maintenance thanks to our AI algorithms

Early Anomaly Detection System (EADS)

CLAssification & Regression for Industrial Systems - scrap rate

Early Failure Prediction System (EFPS)

CLAssification & Regression for Industrial Systems - mean yield


Know your machines global usage > Do better preventive maintenance > Get to predictive maintenance.

Maintenance Factory

We are CREATORS, AUTHORS and DEVELOPERS of our software suite of monitoring applications and identification of warning signs to anticipate downtime and ensure the correct maintenance of your operating systems

Consulting for Industrial Players

Maintenance is leverage for productivity. We support you to define your issues, simplify your approach to access to innovation through Predictive Maintenance and get it operational

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Meet the team

Ahmed – CEO
Ahmed – CEO

Ingénieur, Ahmed est en charge du pilotage stratégique de CYM

Guillaume – COO
Guillaume – COO

Passionné par l’innovation et les nouvelles technologies, Guillaume est au service des clients pour une expérience optimale.

Laval – CTO
Laval – CTO

Directeur de Recherche chez CYM, Laval est expert statisticien, Machine Learning et Docteur en Mathématiques Appliquées, Laval est également auteur de nombreuses publications scientifiques et contributeur du CRAN.

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