Any Operating System.

Any Data.

Monitoring your Maintenance. 

It's happening now

We help industrial players that are in a constant search for best of breed algorithms for significantly improve maintenance KPIs and budgets.

Unlike other data maintenance companies that are focused on BI or analytics, our solution is pure Artificial Intelligence, easy, quick to install and easy to understand as demonstrated by our outstanding customer experience.

Do useful and targeted maintenance thanks to our AI algorithms

We are focused on applying our exclusive AI algorithms to your data…

Bring Your Own System
Bring Your Own System


Bring Your Own Data
Bring Your Own Data


Experience our uniqueness
Experience our uniqueness

… you do the rest.

Take targeted and proactive actions from insights based on the 6 root cause variables from 1000+ using operating parameters.

Real-time notifications

Drifts detection

Notification to prevent Downtime

Act wisely

Mean yield lower performance detection

Scrap rate increase detection

Early Anomaly Detection System (EADS)

CLAssification & Regression for Industrial Systems - scrap rate

Early Failure Prediction System (EFPS)

CLAssification & Regression for Industrial Systems - mean yield

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Innovation in your company: it's happening now!

La French Fab is the accreditation award federating French companies and promoting French industries throughout the world.

Experience our algorithms and like the Engie group save hundred thousands of USD maintenance budget from year 1.

They say it for us

  • The CYM algorithms work because generated alerts were generated and were relevant.
  • The CYM algorithms identify the variables (sensors) involved in the alert, which reinforces the targeting of the maintenance to be carried out.
  • All CYM solutions are designed to allow the business lines to focus on their operational expertise.
  • The customer is efficient by only consulting their CYM applications in the event of an alert. No need to be in front of his supervision console 24-hour a day.

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