Our platform for Data Management: the Maintenance factory

We have developed our platform the Maintenance Factory and the global data treatment. Starting from the sensor integration, our customers can supervise their machines from our platform, manage their machine fleet, analyze usage.

One of our key knowledge is on our predictive algorithms. Along our data collect, we establish behavior models, anticipate unavailability to guarantee operational condition for your key assets.


We are authors of our applications and analytics, and make them accessible to manufacturers via the Maintenance Factory platform.

Our applications and analytics are:     

  • Simple to handle and providing great autonomy of use    
  • Easily integrated into your information system
  • Able to meet your precise needs

Introduction to Early Anomaly Detection System by CYM

From sensors to operations

We bring you unmatched expertise to ensure the feasibility of your project prior to the initiation.

In other words, we bring you the highest level of framing possible to establish the effectiveness and credibility of our solutions.

We are able to evaluate the return on investment associated with our solutions, based on your current costs (eg from maintenance costs).

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